Reports say that 1 in 5 Filipino adults suffer from a form of mental illness. In 2012, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that an average of 7 Filipinos died by suicide each day. These statistics are certainly alarming. Hence, on Jun 21st 2019,  President Duterte signed the Republic Act 11036, also known as the Mental Health Act, providing Filipinos with affordable and accessible mental health services. The Mental Health Law does not only cover public mental health services, but it also covers the promotion of mental health and policies in the workplace.

Chapter V, Sec. 25 of the Mental Health Law states that:

“Employers shall develop appropriate policies and programs on mental health in the workplace designed to (1) raise awareness on mental health issues; (2) correct the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health conditions; (3) identify and provide support for individuals at risk; and (4) facilitate access of individuals with mental health conditions to treatment and psychosocial support.”

Violation of this law may lead to penalty of imprisonment not less than six (6) months, but more than 2 years; or a fine not less than ten thousand pesos (PhP10,000.00) but not more than two (2) hundred thousand pesos (PhP200,000.00); or both, at the discretion of court.