Bring Mindfulness to Your Call Centre and give the team the gift of a better workday.

Mindfulness can decrease Stress in your Call Centre while increasing productivity, positivity and enabling the power of ATTENTION TO DETAIL.

I teach Mindfulness in a fun and relaxing session that involves group activities, mindful practices, reflection and beginner friendly introduction to meditation. Attendees will experience a sense of camaraderie which naturally blossoms within the session; not as co-workers or employees, but as human beings connected through the experience of mindful meditation.


  1. An agent that is able to mindfully focus in the moment will give exceptional customer service.
  2. Learning to breathe in a certain way while dealing with an irate customer allows the agent to step outside of the negative energy
  3. Mindfulness is proven to provide an increase in happiness and overall health, which means less sick leave.,

Mindfulness is the perfect tool to help your Call Centre run smoothly and effectively. The program can raise consciousness in the Call Centre, helping you to create an effective environment where greater success can be achieved on many levels

Mindfulness can help your team to:

  • Feel less overwhelmed and less anxious
  • Reduce the amount of time they spend ‘over-thinking’
  • Be more confident about handling the complexities of work
  • Positively change the way they think and feel about stressful experiences
  • Be  able to enhance their mindset for optimism
  • Greater self-compassion and self-care
  • Improved sleep and overall physical wellbeing
  • Increased resilience and reduced levels of anxiety and depression
  • Improve upon their emotional intelligence skills including greater self-awareness and self-management
  • Communicate effectively with employees
  • Improve leadership skills and build stronger teams
  • Increase their creativity and make wiser decisions
  • Increase their ability to manage difficult situations and conversations
  • Increase happiness, health, and performance

Delivery of training: On-site at your Company (office hours or after hours)

This is a Full Day Session

For more information or to book a session
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Mindfulness is generally taught to Executives and Senior Management due to the high stress levels of these positions, however having worked in a Call Centre many years ago, I know how stressful the environment can get.

The Trainer:
Ebrahim Mongratie

Inspirational Author & Mindfulness Coach

My YouTube channel

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