Inner peace for teenagers

yoga-2176668_1280Inner strength for emotional stability

My mission is to ignite a self-sustaining glow of inner peace in every teenager’s life.

I provide innovative programs that use mindfulness training and emotional intelligence to help the youth of today become the great leaders of tomorrow.

Mindfulness can help manage depression, anxiety, chronic pain, suicidal ideation, addiction recovery and relapse prevention and eating disorders.


Topics covered include

Emotional intelligence, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Focused attention, Open awareness, Self-awareness, Emotional awareness, breath-work, healing breath-work, Journaling, Self-management, Self-compassion, Self-motivation, Self-Discovery, Positive psychology, Generous listening, Resilience, Empathy, Loving-kindness, Leadership, Compassion and more…


Some of the basic meditations covered on the first day include.

(More advanced meditations are practiced on day 2 of the workshop.

Sound Meditation.

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Helps Quickly Focus The Mind And Reduce Distractions

By focusing on a deliberate sound, e.g. the vibrations of a bell, you can calm and collect your attention.

Open Awareness Meditation

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Learning To Let Go And Explore The Experience Of Consciousness

In Open Awareness Meditation, you allow your attention to remain open and vast, exploring the mystery of consciousness or awareness, the sense of infinity or boundarilessness that we discover when we let go of thought.


Breath Meditation

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Helps Calm And Focus The Mind. Cultivates Inner Strength Over Difficult Emotions & States Of Mind.

By gently putting your attention on the breath – a universal aspect of human experience – you can create the experience of groundedness, centeredness, and ease. You also can cultivate self-knowledge, creating distance between you and your thoughts.

Body Scan Meditation

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Creates Relaxation & Physical Awareness

With Body Scan Meditation you intentionally relax your body, helping you de-stress. These meditations can be used at night before bed to help you sleep more easily. It also cultivates awareness of our physical experience, so we become more attuned to what’s happening in our bodies (and we can take care as we notice strain, injury, or tension). It also helps us be present, and feel like we’re here rather than lost in daydreams, worry, or distractions.

Thought Bubble Meditation

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Cultivates Self-Knowledge, Calms A Busy Or Distracted Mind, And Gives Objectivity On Thought.

With Thought Bubble meditation, you cultivate the sense of agency over your thought process. You do not have to feel like a marionette being pulled by whatever thoughts cross the screen of your mind. This meditation enables you to create space and also see more dispassionately what you habitually think about.

Advanced Breath-work


I teach advanced breath-work to create luminous thoughts, ecstatic emotions, and pure pleasure. Consciously breathing in certain ways is a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, it can awaken pure life-force energy and creative healing energy. Every breathing technique I share has incredible power. Each one, when used correctly will produce a certain result, guaranteed.



The program is non-religious, interactive and fun. The program design fosters curiosity and ease. Respecting teens’ experience while holding high expectations of them builds a stable and strong foundation of self. Creative and experiential teaching techniques makes the classes engaged, transformative, and inspiring. Making it easier for students to go on to make the joy of mindful awareness a lifelong practice.


The various workshop options available

2 Day workshop – Consecutive days or over two Saturdays

10 Week workshop – 1 hour per day

1:1 – For those wanting personal attention. Available in 1 hour or 4-hour sessions.


Currently based in:


Manilla, Philippines.


For more info on attending a session or bringing this program to your community, City, Town or school, submit your details below or call +63 977 449 2876

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