Workshops, seminars and coaching sessions.

Philippines Mindful Leadership program​

Inner peace for teenagers


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22 comments on “Workshops, seminars and coaching sessions.

  1. The workshop was inspiring. I typed out every detail as to not forget what I learnt in the session.


  2. I found this workshop very inspiring and absolutely motivating. I have learnt something new, The Affirmations, easy simple steps and feeling positive! I highly recommend this workshop for anyone to attend.


  3. Yunus Vollenhoven

    Alghamdulillah. This workshop was of great value to me as well as for my wife who did the workshop two weeks prior to myself.
    At first, I noticed a very subtle difference in her approach to the ordinary and the effect it had on her holistic self consciousness and control of situations she usually freakout on.
    I then did the workshop that followed, and then realised the value, effectiveness and the simplicity of just the application of these exercises and affirmations.
    Great workshop, phenominal value.


  4. Slms. Shukran for a motivational and inspiring talk. I definitely learnt a lot and Inshallah hope to change certain aspects of my behaviour. The I ATTRACT affirmations are inspiring. They are simple applications and easy to follow. As the saying goes, fake it till you make it


  5. Hey there Ebrahim
    I have been wanting to mail you for a while already. Being as it may … I have attended your workshop and found it very informative and most inspiring to me.
    I’m looking forward to another mind blowing workshop Insha Allah.
    May Allah always bless you and keep you safe.

    Kindest Regards


  6. Salaam Ebrahim. Jazakallah for a very inspiring and motivational workshop. I feel so good after applying your simple yet very intense breathing exercises, it has awakened something inside of me. I want everyone to BE HAPPY.
    This workshop happened at the right time for me and I am looking forward to writing down my goals and executing them. May Allah bless you and spare you many years with good health so you may continue your good work InSha Allah.


  7. Washiela

    Shukran so much for dedicating your time to assist the community by sharing your knowledge with them. I found that the exercises you taught us to be very helpful especially when we need to just slow down and reconnect with ourselves. keep up with the good looking forward to reading your next book.


  8. Rizqaa

    Shukran for the seminar and your book. It has allowed me to make positive changes in my outlook on life. I appreciated your peaceful and happy presence, it’s speaks to the efficacy of your book. I will definitely recommend your seminar and book as a must do and read. I look forward to reading your next book. Peace be upon you.

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  9. Gaironesa

    Slm, when I attended the workshop I never thought that the hour spent would enrich and empower me so much Algamdolilah. I was grateful for lessons learned and also realised that yes change does come and we have to accept and adapt to the situation. I Just need to say shukran Ebrahim


    • Anonymous

      Gameda. Salaam. Shukran for devoting your time to help us address the challenges we face with positivity and meaning Alghamduliellah. The seminar has inspired me to work harder to overcome the obstacles I face. Take care. Wasalaam


  10. Abeda Adams

    Was at the book launch today, 1 July 2017, my first time attending one of your workshops. Was inspired and will definately recommend it and will be attending again.


  11. Washiela

    Shukran so much. i learnt so much at the workshop.lm looking forward to learning more from the next workshop in shaa Allah.keep up the good work that you are doing in the community.


  12. Shukran so much for the best of inspirational talk I attended to.The time I spent there was worthwhile as myou outlook in life changed.My relationship with people in my circle have improved.May Allah strengthen you to continue with your amazing sacrifices for the community. Inshallah.


  13. Salaamu’alaikum; this coaching session/workshop was positively informative, it made sense and most importantly for me, it was practical.
    I left there feeling grateful, peaceful and empowered and it resonated with those I came into contact with. So wonderful….
    It proves that emotional wellbeing is a breath away…

    I implore everyone to experience this for yourself.

    Oceans of love and light


  14. Asalaamu Alaykum, my second workshop, Shukran sincerely Ebrahim. It was lovely and what we got out is basic and practical stuff. Shukran for caring and designing the presentation in such an effective and wonderful way. Much respect and salaam


  15. Awesome workshop today. Thank you Ebrahim and Naseeha. I enjoyed the breath work and meditation.


  16. The session was awesome alhamduliela.
    The negative emotion that I shared with my partner was very painful and it still seemed very fresh even though it happened 25 years ago. I cried and felt the freedom in the workshop to cry. So I want to thank you for that wonderful opportunity to realise that Allah knows best and that He gives us other opportunities to “do things over.”

    I loved the affirmations and the placement of my hand on my heart and in the air. I also enjoyed the variety that the co-facilitation of the workshop offered.


  17. Aslm Ebrahim Mongratie Shukran I feel great after the workshop on Sunday. I’m not a great talker but I just wanted to to thank you for your inspiring words I needed that


  18. Another empowering workshop. Felt so good during the workshop….positive, energized, motivated etc.
    Shukran Ebrahim Mongratie and Naseeha Byat for your time and commitment


  19. I attended the workshop on Sunday….It was once again a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing, for caring and for empowering. I feel calm and energized and so ready for the challenges life throws at me sometimes.Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!


  20. Wow, what an awesome session today. I enjoyed the breathing excercises and the amazing heart concious techniques. I feel amazing , thank you for sharing.


  21. The workshop I attended today was phenomenal, with so much positive energy! I enjoyed the interaction. The breathwork techniques and heart conscious excercises are great tools and easy to practise everyday. Thank you for sharing your experiences and taking the time to help others.


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