Achieving Peak Performance Together: A One-Day Team Building Program

Our mindfulness-based team building program is designed to help your team work more effectively together and achieve better results. Through the principles of energy manipulation, breath-work, and self-awareness, your team will learn to communicate clearly, manage emotions, and overcome challenges.

Building stronger teams, one day at a time

Duration: One day

Objective: To enhance team performance and build stronger working relationships through a series of interactive and engaging activities that incorporate principles from mindfulness, breath-work, energy manipulation, and other related techniques.


9:00 am – Welcome and Introduction

  • Icebreaker activity to encourage team bonding

9:30 am – Pyramid of Emotions

  • Understanding and managing emotions in the workplace
  • Team exercise to practice instant clearing of negative emotions & identifying and responding to different emotional states in the team

10:30 am – Automatic Meditation

  • Using automatic meditation to improve focus and reduce stress in the workplace
  • Guided team meditation exercise

11:30 am – Relationships

  • Improving communication and building stronger relationships in the team
  • Role-playing exercise to practice effective communication and conflict resolution

12:30 pm – Lunch Break

1:30 pm – Be Like a Tree

  • Building resilience and adaptability in the team
  • Group activity to promote creativity and flexible thinking

2:30 pm – Manifesting Abundance and Success

  • Harnessing positive energy and manifesting success in the workplace
  • Group exercise to visualize and set intentions for achieving common team goals

3:30 pm – Ground Yourself

  • Using breath-work and grounding techniques to stay centered and focused
  • Guided team breathing exercise

4:30 pm – Closing Remarks and Reflections

  • Final team activity to reflect on the day’s lessons and discuss how to apply them to the workplace

This one-day team building program focuses on improving team performance and building stronger working relationships through a variety of mindfulness, breath-work, and energy manipulation techniques. The program is designed to help teams enhance their communication, reduce stress, build resilience, and harness positive energy to achieve common goals. By participating in this program, teams can improve their overall performance, productivity, and job satisfaction.


Available for in-person sessions anywhere in Metro Manila, Bangkok and Singapore, and virtual sessions for teams located anywhere else.

Duration: 8 hours (can be customised based on the needs of the team)

Investment: Please contact us for pricing and scheduling details.
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