Spiritual awakening breath-work

The following breathwork exercise allows you to access your higher intuitive self. Helping you change your current state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness and enabling you to open your heart to compassion and unconditional love easily.When you complete this practice, tune into your body. Focus your attention on any of the following… Read More

Focused Energy Breathing

Focused breathing allows you to move life force energy to various parts of your body, using the breath, the eyes, and or the attention. Focused breathing will enable you to raise your vibration so that your body and mind can rest and digest all that is happening around you. Here are a few of the exercises,… Read More

What are you excited about?

 What are you excited about? Say: I am excited about… (Whatever comes to mind?) If nothing comes to mind, no worries; read on. There are a lot of things to be excited about, like your next breath. Yes, your next breath, the fact that you can breathe right now is exciting; don’t take that for granted.… Read More

Vibrating on the energy of love

 The ancient poet Virgil wrote: Love overcomes all obstacles. You can interpret this in many ways. However, for now, I’d like to direct your attention to the love within.  Breathe in. As you exhale, imagine a stream of love flowing out of your heart into the rest of the World. If you don’t feel any love right now,… Read More

Create an environment of Kindness

 Kindness in words is one of the most potent energies when you speak with kindness; you create an environment of confidence and unconditional love. Kindness releases feel-good hormones ease anxiety reduces stress, and it is good for your heart. When you witness an act of kindness, your body releases Oxycontin, also called the “love hormone,”… Read More

The energy of being kind to others

Loving Kindness is a wish that everyone is happy, and when you radiate this feeling to the rest of the World, you begin to generate healing energy for yourself and those around you. Always begin with Kindness towards yourself; this allows your heart to open with tenderness. Try imagining yourself as a young child standing… Read More