The energy of being kind to others

Loving Kindness is a wish that everyone is happy, and when you radiate this feeling to the rest of the World, you begin to generate healing energy for yourself and those around you. Always begin with Kindness towards yourself; this allows your heart to open with tenderness. Try imagining yourself as a young child standing… Read More

Raise your consciousness with prosperity thoughts and feelings.

Having thoughts of prosperity can create a prosperous world around you. Always believe that you are prosperous. Say the following out loud “I am prosperous, I live a flourishing life of success and good fortune surrounds me” Emphasize the words, Prosperous, Flourishing, Success, and Fortune. For the next 5 minutes, keep the above words in your thoughts.  Sit on the floor or in… Read More

Just breathe

A while ago, I set out to seek a new relationship to life. I had a burning desire to let go of all my insecurities and self-doubt, I desired to be more connected to my heart and soul and step into effortless self-confidence while enjoying a new depth of self-love. Furthermore, I wanted to heal… Read More

Depression can be treated

  Depression is an illness characterized by persistent sadness and a loss of interest in activities that you normally enjoy, accompanied by an inability to carry out daily activities, for at least two weeks. In addition, people with depression normally have several of the following symptoms: a loss of energy; a change in appetite; sleeping… Read More

An abundance of positivity

Abundance is a considerable quantity of something. In the context of this post, I would like you to think of abundance as a large quantity of everything beautiful for you: Make your abundance list and start attracting all the abundance you need. Whatever your current circumstances are, you can choose to feel abundant. You don’t… Read More