Go Within

The energy of all sorts of challenges is in the air – We are all experiencing an increase in tension with Communication, thinking, anxiety, and the monkey-mind. 

If you want to be free of these discomforts and drop out of your mind and into a greater consciousness, you must do some form of spiritual work that involves turning within. Inner work is the very core and foundation of the spiritual path. Do the work and you will soon find an inexpressive joy. 

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Time for…

The world around us is in much chaos, it is a time for Faith, Hope, optimism, and spiritual work. A time to step into our artistic and creative nature.
Find a way to creatively express yourself today. Begin by connecting to the powerful source of nature, either through prayer or mediation.
Then pay attention to your inner wisdom, you will receive guidance and inspiration, and when you do be blissful and share your bliss with the World.

Be open like a flower, let those walls down…. 


You are a masterpiece

Just for today drop the idea of improving yourself, take on the energy of knowing that you are perfect just the way you are….

There is no need for improvement… You are a masterpiece….. and when you accept this to be true….. you step into a high vibrational creative energy…

Now, more than ever the world requires this energy from you….Use this energy to manifest good for someone else, pray for their silent whispers and desires to be fulfilled. More importantly, Pray for the healing of our beautiful planet….as you make this prayer picture every living being on the planet with a smile of their face. 

Watch the video below…



As you continue becoming accustomed to change, you realize that change is still happening and will continue to happen. It’s a time to adapt very quickly and when you adapt and happily move on, you get to experience Magnificent new beginnings – New choices and inspired ideas begin to unfold…. 

It is time for the world to see the Lion within you…Break free and visualize your ideal future, take warm, loving action, go slow, steady, be consistent, and do not give up….you will eventually be rewarded. 

Have fun – you now have so many choices… 


The beauty

Challenge yourself today to clear the air in your relationships, do the work and don’t avoid the conversation. Remember nobody is perfect – See the beauty in the situation, the beauty in others and the beauty within yourself.  
Remember to work more on yourself this year, it is only then that you can truly scale the mountain of emotional turmoil being offered to you. There isn’t anyone on the planet who isn’t feeling this driving force of change. 

Be very gentle to yourself today…. SAY “All is well. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and say it again, while focusing on your heart…. All is well. 

Before you open your eyes, set some intentions, today is a perfect day for that. 


Today more than ever, the world needs your nurturing and emotional nature. 
Say: I bless my home with love, peace, and joy – send this energy to the people in your home, to your neighbours, town, city, country, and the world….. Remember we are all family, don’t be individually oriented at this time. 
If you have family around, let them feel your love today. If you alone, love yourself and picture a smile on every living being.  In fact, we all need to fully love ourselves right now, the more we love ourselves the more we can love the world, she needs so much love from us all. Love – Love – Love.
Try standing in front of a mirror, place your thumbs and index fingers on your throat and say – I love myself, more and more each day. Look directly into your eyes as you say these powerful words. 
Allow love to be your anchor today, feel it, wrap yourself up in it, and make sure that every one of your experiences today embodies the energy of love but be careful not to smother. 

…and when you have a moment, go within. Meditate, you will feel a true connection to your soul.

Practice patience

Practice patience today especially on the things your heart desires…. It will happen just not now. 

It is also a good time to meditate on the patterns you have been playing out these past few months, go within and pay attention to everything, you will find your Aha moment.

Finally, and the most important thing you can do right now, send love into unloving spaces. Love will get us through these difficult times…. Write the word Love on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere in your home. 
Close your eyes, breathe into your heart, hold your breath, and focus on your heart. Try and find your heartbeat; keep your focus on your heart for 20 seconds. Breathe out slowly. Keep your hand on your heart, and connect to the energy in your heart. Now imagine that you are filling your entire body with this energy, from head to toe. Put a smile on your face and send the same energy into the world around you.

Quiet your mind

Remember that through uncertain times we have the option of beautifully and gracefully flowing, nothing is permanent. Go easy on yourself, go slow and grant that to others. 

Today your quiet mind will be rewarded with insight. Use this energy to your advantage, do some free flow journaling and see what comes out.  

Your breath offers the perfect antidote to the monkey mind. Close your eyes, breathe in through your nose. Exhale through your nose and focus all your attention on your diaphragm. (The dome-shaped muscle located just below the lungs and heart)

Do this for a minimum of two minutes. 

Stillness is key

Our Great Universal teacher is demanding that the entire planet change direction and let go of all of the ways that the social structures on the planet no longer serve us. Many of us are experiencing a radical departure from what we thought was going to be our path through life this year, and into our futures. By now you should have made peace with the fact that nothing will be the same as a result of this transformative year. 
It is time to listen to your heart for it may have lots to say to you about things that are coming out of the shadow.
Put your hand on your heart, breathe into your heart and listen. Allow an abundance of love to flow through your heart, even amidst all of this challenging chaos. By doing this today you will allow another layer of healing to take place within.  

Spend allot time quieting your mind today….Stillness is key 

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