How to change your inner World & enhance your Outer World

Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are all part of your inner world, more than that it is the key to creating an amazing outer World. When you pay close attention to these 3 important aspects of your inner world you begin to experience an abundance of joy.  Your ability to notice subtle changes to your feelings is a helpful skill to develop,… Continue reading How to change your inner World & enhance your Outer World


7 Day Meditation Challenge

I put together a 7 Day meditation challenge, it is a beginner's guide to meditation. Meditation has the power to reduce your stress level and the inflammation response caused by stress, as well as control anxiety, enhance your emotional health, enhance self-awareness, improve sleep and it may help fight addictions. Meditation is something everyone can… Continue reading 7 Day Meditation Challenge

Spiritual awakening breath-work

  The following breathwork exercise allows you to access your higher intuitive self. Helping you change your current state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness. Enabling you to easily open your heart to compassion and unconditional love. When you are done with this practice tune into your body and then focus your attention… Continue reading Spiritual awakening breath-work

Focused Energy Breathing

  Focused breathing allows you to move life force energy to various parts of your body, it is done using the breath, the eyes and or the attention. Focused breathing allows you to raise your vibration so that your body and mind can rest and digest all that is happening around you. Here are a… Continue reading Focused Energy Breathing

The Abundant Heart Technique

  Think abundance and know that everything you need will come into your life at its appointed time. SAY: I have the ability to do what I need to do when I need to do it. I have so much to share and so much to spare, my life is filled with an abundance of… Continue reading The Abundant Heart Technique

What are you excited about?

  What are you excited about? Say: I am excited about… (Whatever comes to mind?) If nothing comes to mind, no worries; read on. There are a lot of things to be excited about; like your next breath. Yes, your next breath, the fact that you can breathe right now is exciting; don’t take that… Continue reading What are you excited about?

Vibrating on the energy of love

  The ancient poet Virgil wrote: Love overcomes all obstacles. You can interpret this in many ways but for now, I’d like to direct your attention to the love within. Breathe in and as you exhale imagine a stream of love flowing out of your heart and into the rest of the World. If you… Continue reading Vibrating on the energy of love