An Enlightened Path to Self Discovery

In this book, I set out to list all the questions and answers that directed me to self-discovery. You will find an affirmation or question in each section of this book including my answers. Each section includes a breath-work exercise to enhance various aspects of your life. Every breathing technique I share has incredible power. Each one, when used correctly will produce a certain result, guaranteed. 
I wrote this book to share my path to self-discovery, a path that led me to raise my consciousness. Conscious living is beautiful and you too deserve this way of life. A life filled with calmness, peace, and gratitude.
This is a workbook, each section has a question to open your mind to self-discovery.
Breath-Work micro-practices are life changing and stimulate self-healing. 


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6 Comments on “An Enlightened Path to Self Discovery

  1. I just read your book on kindle.
    I can honestly say..i came home all stressed and exhausted ..tense.. I decided to just read and did the breathing techniques and it helps and works.. your book is amazing 🙏🏼


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  3. I finished an Enlightened Path To Self Discovery this Afternoon and it’s on my bedside table. I will read it again in a few days time. I had no idea that breathwork could be so life changing. It really does take me to a beautiful place. Please keep up the good work.


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  5. The content is simple, yet full of exciting techniques to follow. I am reminded that breathing in certain ways can be life changing. Doing breath-work is an amazing process that makes me feel good and excited, it keeps me going everyday!


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