Without a life purpose there is no YOU.
Find your life purpose through Self Discovery

An_enlightened_path_to_selfdiscovery (1)

In this insightful and highly practical workbook, Ebrahim Mongratie, an experienced Mindfulness practitioner and breath-work teacher, condenses his years of experience in significant bite-sized chunks of feel-good on-demand techniques. All derived from modern science and ancient breath-work principles helping people heal their psyches and deal with their issues. All these techniques propel you to self discovery.

You’re going to discover a toolbox of 42; time tested cutting-edge and Powerful feel-good on-demand techniques to help you become the best version of yourself. 

Amongst unearthing an extraordinary version of yourself. You going to discover:

Less Stress

More Inner peace 

Breathwork exercises to enhance various aspects of your life. Every breathing technique I share has powerful incredible power. Each one, when used correctly will produce a certain result, guaranteed. 

Feel good on demand techniques 

Techniques to help slow down the ageing process 

How to accept the things you cannot change 

How to master your inner world 

Discover what’s blocking your potential and truly get unstuck

How to turn your life from fine to unstoppable 

How your life could easily be different, you could be experiencing more joy, more happiness, better relationships and more prosperity. 

How taking a deep breath allows you to merge into the tranquility and peace of your higher consciousness. 

One of the techniques:
Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth very slowly as if you are blowing out 
of a straw or a thin pipe. 

9 thoughts on “An Enlightened Path to Self Discovery

  1. I just read your book on kindle.
    I can honestly say..i came home all stressed and exhausted ..tense.. I decided to just read and did the breathing techniques and it helps and works.. your book is amazing 🙏🏼


  2. I finished an Enlightened Path To Self Discovery this Afternoon and it’s on my bedside table. I will read it again in a few days time. I had no idea that breathwork could be so life changing. It really does take me to a beautiful place. Please keep up the good work.


  3. The content is simple, yet full of exciting techniques to follow. I am reminded that breathing in certain ways can be life changing. Doing breath-work is an amazing process that makes me feel good and excited, it keeps me going everyday!


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