An Enlightened Path to Self Discovery


Begin your transformation to a new colorful life, filled with an abundance of joy. A beautiful glowing light will soon shine on every aspect of your life. You will find meaning to your existence. Every day will begin with a positive radiance. 

Learn how to find and maintain a peaceful state, maintain a positive attitude, know thyself, achieve a balanced life, maintain the joy in your life, reinvent yourself one positive belief at a time, accept the things you cannot change, how to handle stress, create a perfect life one positive affirmation at a time, including some amazing breath work and feel good on demand techniques.

Available at the following stores:

3 thoughts on “An Enlightened Path to Self Discovery

  1. Samantha

    I just read your book on kindle.
    I can honestly say..i came home all stressed and exhausted ..tense.. I decided to just read and did the breathing techniques and it helps and works.. your book is amazing 🙏🏼


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  3. Celeste

    I finished an Enlightened Path To Self Discovery this Afternoon and it’s on my bedside table. I will read it again in a few days time. I had no idea that breathwork could be so life changing. It really does take me to a beautiful place. Please keep up the good work.


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