Ebrahim Mongratie.

Inspirational Author. Books: Thoughts of Perfection & An enlightened path to self-discovery.


A few years ago, I found myself completely broken by a traumatic experience that turned my life upside down. I turned to writing and found it surprisingly beneficial. The act of converting emotions and images into words changed the way I began thinking about the trauma. This enabled me to understand the experience and allowed me to let go of negative emotions. I quickly began to have a greater appreciation for life; emotional and spiritual well-being became my priority.
I guide individuals to clarity, determination & inner bliss so they can move forward in their own authentic way and live on purpose.

Guiding you to RESOLVE your most pressing emotional challenges.

DISCOVER what’s controlling your life and what’s holding you back.

Your highest values and PURPOSE can easily be clarified.

Learn to KNOW THYSELF and depend less on the approval of others.

May you be well, may you be happy.








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