Inspirational Author & Speaker. Books: Thoughts of Perfection & An enlightened path to self-discovery.


A few years ago, I found myself completely broken by a traumatic experience that turned my life upside down. I turned to writing and found it very beneficial. The act of converting emotions and images into words changed the way I began thinking about the trauma. This enabled me to understand the experience and I easily let it go. I quickly began to have a greater appreciation for life; emotional and spiritual well-being became my priority. I have a need to make a meaningful contribution to society so I run free emotional well-being workshops and seminars in my community. My prosperity thoughts now create a prosperous world around me.

I have 20 years’ experience in leadership, during which time I coached and mentored people using the skills I learnt in numerous leadership courses and the coaching and master coaching training I received. Leadership has taught me to be inspirational in order to inspire and motivate my teams. I project hope, positivity and a can do attitude. I have a love of wisdom and currently study practical Philosophy and positive Psychology.

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