Thoughts of Perfection

Introducing the Updated Version of “Thoughts of Perfection” with a Special Audiobook Release!

Experience the transformative power of “Thoughts of Perfection” in its latest edition, updated with new insights and the addition of an immersive audiobook experience. This motivational book emerged from my own journey of healing and personal growth after a life-altering traumatic event. My mission is to guide readers towards embracing love, peace, and joy, ultimately raising their vibrational energy.

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“Thoughts of Perfection” is designed to support individuals who are dealing with hardships, emotional pain, crises, or trauma. It addresses a wide range of emotional symptoms such as shock, denial, confusion, anger, anxiety, guilt, and feelings of sadness or hopelessness. Through the guidance provided in the book, readers will learn how to attract positive emotions, release past burdens and negative memories through visualisation techniques, and effectively use affirmations combined with breath work.

Expect to heal and forgive from the heart, develop empathy, love deeply, cultivate patience and wisdom, embrace positivity, live mindfully in the present moment, ignite your creative subconscious, positively reprogram your mindset, activate the law of attraction, boost your inner motivation, overcome setbacks with ease, and manage stress while eliminating negativity from your life.

Don’t miss the incredible reviews:

“I wasn’t well for a couple of months, diagnosed with TB, everything was getting too much for me, I just couldn’t cope. In December my beloved cousin gave me your book. After reading the first few pages, I had hope and a will for life. God is great. I eventually bought my own copy and one for my sister. Thank you.”

“I’ve always been aware that so much of success in life rides on your mindset. When your mind is in a rut of negativity, it can be difficult to turn things around and create positive experiences in your life. Ebrahim Mongratie does an amazing job of giving you the tools you need to alter your perspective, and ultimately, your position in life. The author’s techniques sound very valuable to me, and I honestly think anyone can benefit from this sort of inspiration and guidance. I know I will feel compelled to return to this advice whenever I feel my happiness and success waning.” – Becca Hugh

“THOUGHTS OF PERFECTION is a gem of a guide for re-training your mind. It really does a great job of teaching how powerful our thoughts are and how we can go about perfecting them so we can feel better now.” – Connie J

Join the journey towards healing and growth with the updated version of “Thoughts of Perfection” and the special audiobook release. Experience a brighter and more vibrant life today!

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