Breathe in, Little one

Breathe, Sing, Dance!

Breathe in, Little one” is a fun and interactive book that teaches kids the importance of mindful breathing and how to incorporate it into their daily lives.
Filled with catchy songs and easy-to-follow dance steps, this book guides kids through a variety of breathing techniques that can help them relax, focus, and feel more balanced. From deep belly breaths to Moon breathing, kids will learn a range of tools they can use to manage stress and emotions.

The book features some colorful illustrations and simple instructions that make it easy for kids to follow along. Plus, the songs and dance routines provide kids with a chance to sing and dance as they practice their breathing techniques.

Not only is “Let’s Breathe, Little one!” a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about mindfulness, but it’s also an excellent resource for parents looking to introduce their children to the benefits of mindful breathing. With this book, kids can learn how to manage their emotions and stay calm, focused, and centered – all through the power of their own breath.


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