Today more than ever, the world needs your nurturing and emotional nature. 
Say: I bless my home with love, peace, and joy – send this energy to the people in your home, to your neighbours, town, city, country, and the world….. Remember we are all family, don’t be individually oriented at this time. 
If you have family around, let them feel your love today. If you alone, love yourself and picture a smile on every living being.  In fact, we all need to fully love ourselves right now, the more we love ourselves the more we can love the world, she needs so much love from us all. Love – Love – Love.
Try standing in front of a mirror, place your thumbs and index fingers on your throat and say – I love myself, more and more each day. Look directly into your eyes as you say these powerful words. 
Allow love to be your anchor today, feel it, wrap yourself up in it, and make sure that every one of your experiences today embodies the energy of love but be careful not to smother. 

…and when you have a moment, go within. Meditate, you will feel a true connection to your soul.

Published by Ebrahim Mongratie

Author and Mindfulness coach

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