Stillness is key

Our Great Universal teacher is demanding that the entire planet change direction and let go of all of the ways that the social structures on the planet no longer serve us. Many of us are experiencing a radical departure from what we thought was going to be our path through life this year, and into our futures. By now you should have made peace with the fact that nothing will be the same as a result of this transformative year. 
It is time to listen to your heart for it may have lots to say to you about things that are coming out of the shadow.
Put your hand on your heart, breathe into your heart and listen. Allow an abundance of love to flow through your heart, even amidst all of this challenging chaos. By doing this today you will allow another layer of healing to take place within.  

Spend allot time quieting your mind today….Stillness is key 

Published by Ebrahim Mongratie

Author and Mindfulness coach

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