How to do focused energy Breathing

Focused breathing allows you to move life force energy to various parts of your body, using the breath, the eyes, and or the attention. Focused breathing will enable you to raise your vibration so that your body and mind can rest and digest all that is happening around you.

Here are a few of the exercises, try them out, and enjoy the energy that’s generated.

Breathe in through your nose while focusing your attention on your fingers (palms facing upwards). As you exhale, change your focus to your arms, look at your left arm and then your right arm and continue switching your focus between the arms for as long as you can exhale. Pause for a few seconds. Pay attention to the feeling in your fingers and arms. This exercise enables you to breathe energy into your fingers and move the energy to the arms.

You can move energy from one hand to the next by taking a breath while focusing on your right hand. As you exhale, change the focus to your left hand. Repeat this at least three times.

With a smile on your face, breathe into your heart, and as you exhale, focus on your feet. This practice will ground you energetically to the Earth.

Breathe in and focus on your entire head; do not exhale yet, breathe in again, and focus on your heart. Exhale slowly and focus on your whole body.

For more breath-work and feel good on demand techniques, refer to my book An Enlightened Path to Self Discovery


Published by Ebrahim Mongratie

Author and Mindfulness coach

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