Loving Kindness is a wish that everyone is happy and when you radiate this feeling to the rest of the World you begin to generate healing energy for yourself and for those around you.

  • Always begin with kindness towards yourself, this allows your heart to open with tenderness.

  • Try imagining yourself as a young child standing in front of you (5 years old) send tender feelings of kindness towards the child. Pay attention to the feeling in your body. This feeling is loving kindness and is accessible to you, always. Now say the following out loud, May I be well, may I be happy.

  • Bring someone else to mind and send them loving kindness. Say May you be well, may you be happy.

  • Hold on to the feeling of loving kindness and think about somebody else, perhaps someone you don’t know very well, as a store clerk. Say, may you be well, may you be happy. 

  • Send this energy to whomever you want and then to the rest of the World, think of every living being and say: May they be well, may they be happy.

An Enlightened Path to Self Discovery

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