Just breathe

A while ago, I set out to seek a new relationship to life. I had a burning desire to let go of all my insecurities and self-doubt, I desired to be more connected to my heart and soul and step into effortless self-confidence while enjoying a new depth of self-love. Furthermore, I wanted to heal all discords in my intimate relationships and became more aware of my inner life, my thoughts, my feelings, my dreams, desires, and motivations.

A transformational tool helped me achieve all of this. It revitalized me and gave me a sense of clarity and belonging. I found a depth of love I’d never come close to before. I found a path to spiritual empowerment and a path that led me to guide others. I use this tool to create luminous thoughts, ecstatic emotions, and pure pleasure.

The transformational tool I am referring to is the breath; it is the most ordinary thing, and also the most extraordinary thing! Breathing is essential and straightforward that I use to underestimate its power. I overlooked it and took it for granted. I don’t remember giving it much thought at all until now.

Consciously breathing in specific ways is a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science; it can awaken pure life-force energy, creative healing energy. I have learned to use this energy in many different ways consciously. I found that each one, when used correctly, will produce a specific result. The common forms of breath-work include Breath Awareness, Clarity breath-work, Conscious Breathing, Holotropic breath-work, Re-birthing breath-work, Shamanic breath-work, Transformational breath-work, Vivation breath-work, and Zen Yoga breath-work.

My book, “An enlightened path to self-discovery,” covers a few of these forms of breath-work but focuses mostly on breath-work for awakening calming forces within. The breath-work techniques I share are all self-directed processes for stress relief, relaxation, focusing on the current moment, inner peace, spiritual insights, and combating depression. Use these techniques for relaxation or to energize yourself. It can be used to boost your passion or to change your behavior. It can be used to access the unconscious mind, or open you to altered states of consciousness. I highly recommend it for meditation. 

An Enlightened Path to Self Discovery


Published by Ebrahim Mongratie

Author and Mindfulness coach

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