Log off, shutdown and spend more time in nature.

These days, I have an inseparable connection to Mother Nature, a sacred connection. I enjoy her vibrancy, her light, her beauty and her love. I have infinite respect for her and I radiate gratitude and love when I am in her presence. I feel her powers of healing, compassion, unity and love. They create a stillness in my soul and I am filled with peace.

This was not always the case for me. There was a time when I didn’t care much for being in nature. It just so happens that those were the days I suffered from depression. Is there a link between depression and not being connected to Mother Nature? I certainly think so.

You are either connected to Nature or you not. If you are open to the healing power of nature, it will open up your state of true awareness. Nature will win your heart and heal your soul, simply by its captivating  existence and powerful stillness.

Being out in the sun has many benefits, one of the most obvious is exposure to vitamin D. If you don’t get enough vitamin D, you will probably suffer from osteoporosis and be at risk of cancer, and Alzheimer’s.
A few years ago, I had a vitamin D deficiency and I can tell you for certain that it was not a good experience. I constantly felt fatigued, I had bone and back pain, I got sick very often and it caused an unmanageable amount of depression. I had to take very high doses of vitamin D to get better. If you have any of these symptoms, I suggest you take some Vitamin D supplements and get a daily dose of sunshine.

When I am in the surroundings of nature, I make a concerted effort to be in the present moment. When I am in a forest environment with lots of trees, a deep peace emanates from being in the present moment, it settles into me. In this moment, I use my senses, I touch the trees, I enjoy the smell of the trees, I look at every detail of my surroundings and I listen to the sounds of nature.

I allow the calmness of the moment to infiltrate my heart, my mind and my soul. Fear and doubt begin to dissolve. I get an intoxicating feeling of strength, courage and determination. When in nature, I am undoubtedly blessed with pure love, light and an abundance of joy.

Here are some other benefits you will get from spending time in nature:

  • Your immune system will be boosted
  • Your sleep pattern will improve
  • Your blood pressure will be lowered
  • Your stress levels will be reduced
  • Your mood will drastically Improve
  • Your ability to focus will increase
  • Your energy levels will increase and your recovery from surgery or illness, will be accelerated.

(Excerpt from the book An Enlightened path to self discovery Click here for more info)




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