3 steps to change how you feel.

I used to suffer from depression and anxiety. Back then, I had no idea how to get myself out of that state. If only I knew then what I know now. Now I have a toolbox of quick and easy ways to snap out of a bad emotional state. One such tool is a three-step process that works every time.

Change your body language

Once you acknowledge you’re in a bad emotional state, make a change to your body language. If you are sitting down, try sitting up straight; in fact, make any change to your body as long as you make a conscious change to your physiology.

Change what you’re focusing on

Chances are you’re focusing on something negative or worrying about something you cannot change or feel hurt by what somebody has just said to you. Whatever it is, immediately change your focus on something that will make you happy as long as you change your focus. You cannot think more than one thought at a time. If it’s a lousy thought, imagine that you’re sitting beside a river and watching your thoughts go by; each idea is on a log floating in the river. Let the ones that are bad for you float by and choose another thought, any other thought, and if that thought does not serve you well, choose another.

Change the words you’re using

You are most likely using the wrong words when in an emotional state, so change the terms you are using to yourself and others, and choose them wisely. Each word has its vibration of frequency that can positively or negatively affect you. Dr. Masaro Emoto’s work in capturing intention in water proves that each word or thought projected into water produced a different geometric form, much like snowflakes. Positive thoughts create beautiful, symmetrical geometry, negative thoughts, not so much. Why is this important for you? The body contains more than 60% of water and every word you use or think changes the geometric form of the water in your body, which ultimately leads to your state of mind. Choose your words wisely.

An emotional state can also be changed by breath- work. Check out my page on this. Click here

Published by Ebrahim Mongratie

Author and Mindfulness coach

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