An abundance of positivity

Abundance is a considerable quantity of something. In the context of this post, I would like you to think of abundance as a large quantity of everything beautiful for you:
Make your abundance list and start attracting all the abundance you need. Whatever your current circumstances are, you can choose to feel abundant. You don’t need a huge bank account or a fancy car, merely wanting to feel abundance is free.
You should always feel as though you have the best of everything. You are abundantly joyful.
One critical practice to adopt before starting your abundance journey is to be thankful for everything in your life. Say the words “Thank you” and say them as often as you can. If you are not grateful for everything you already have in your life, then you’re likely to be blocking out an abundance of better things.
Attract an abundance of positivity and know that everything you need will come into your life at its appointed time.

Thoughts of Perfection

Published by Ebrahim Mongratie

Author and Mindfulness coach

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