The Power Of The I Attract Affirmations

If you want to experience a positive emotion, you must attract it. And to attract it, you must say the word associated with the emotion. An example of this is love, the more you say the word love the more you feel love. Repeating the word generates a positive feeling in your body.

“I am feeling good today”. The more you say it, the more you begin to believe it. Allowing your body to feel the power of the word “good” helps you to believe in what you are saying. Using the combination of words and feeling makes it easier to constantly feel good. Affirmations are positive statements that describe an end result you desire.

Negative words are never used in affirmations; you should eliminate negative words or a negative outcome from your thoughts.

When an affirmation is used correctly it becomes a great tool for achieving success and for improving your life. However an affirmation without a corresponding action is a job half done. I believe using the right affirmations attract corresponding events and situations into your life. It also helps you focus your mind on your goals and in turn it positively changes your habits, behavior and attitude.

Apply the following when repeating an affirmation:

Be relaxed as you can.

Pay complete attention to the words you are repeating.

Have faith in what you are saying.

Most importantly, make sure you allow yourself to feel the power of the affirmation in your body. E.g. in the happiness affirmation I connected to the feeling of happiness.

On my personal journey, the following steps worked wonders for me:

I wrote about my emotional pain and how it affected me.  Writing about my feelings felt far more effective than talking to someone about it. You are able to be completely honest and don’t feel like you have anything to hide. Try it yourself and see if you can feel the difference.

I began to show gratitude for all that I have in my life. Expressing gratitude makes you feel happier, more optimistic about the future, and can help you feel physically healthier. 

I performed random acts of kindness. I donated money to my favorite charity, I volunteered at a senior home, I planted a tree, I visited animal shelters, I allowed people to cut in front of me in traffic (without feeling angry), and I donate old clothes and old books. All of these actions allowed me to give back to the world and made me feel good knowing I was helping others.

I began motivating others. Much like performing random acts of kindness, I found this to be a sure way of maintaining my happiness.

I spend money on experiences instead of material things.  I eat out, I go to concerts, I go to a theater, I go on holidays (and go as often as I can), I tried paint balling, and I tried going carting, bungee jumping, and sky diving.

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