The Power Of The I Attract Affirmations

The emotional pain I endured was unbearable. I could hardly breathe; every thought I had, was about my pain. The traumatic experience kept playing over and over in my head. I remember thinking why? Why me? Little did I realize that I was hurting myself even more by taking this kind of approach to life?

One day I saw a bumper sticker that read “Happiness will come to you when you are happy”. I did not comprehend what I had read and wondered how happiness could only come to me when I am happy? I went home and reflected on those words, I was determined to make sense of it in order to attain happiness.

I then came to the conclusion that although I am not happy right now, I can surely attract happiness. What happened next was amazing.

I said the following out loud: “I attract happiness into my life” and suddenly I began to feel a tad better. As I said the words out loud I felt the strength of these words travel through my body, I made sure that every part of my body felt the power of happiness. I continued repeating the words, the more I said the more I believed it and the belief came from adding the step of allowing my body to feel the power of the word happiness. “I Attract happiness into my life” even though the pain was there, saying these words out loud and feeling the power of the words in my body seemed to ease the pain. Furthermore, it gave me the courage to take action towards healing the pain.

If you want to experience a positive emotion, you must attract it. And to attract it, you must say the word associated with the emotion. An example of this is love, the more you say the word love the more you feel love. Repeating the word generates a positive feeling in your body.

Think about a person that constantly lies, eventually they begin to believe their own lies. The same applies to affirmations the more you say it, the more your brain registers it as a fact.

“I am feeling good today”. The more you say it, the more you begin to believe it. Allowing your body to feel the power of the word “good” helps you to believe in what you are saying. Using the combination of words and feelings, make it easier to constantly feel good. Affirmations are positive statements that describe an end result you desire.

Negative words are never used in affirmations; you should eliminate negative words or a negative outcome from your thoughts.

When an affirmation is used correctly it becomes a great tool for achieving success and for improving your life. However, an affirmation without a corresponding action is a job half done. I believe using the right affirmations attract corresponding events and situations into your life. It also helps you focus your mind on your goals and in turn, it positively changes your habits, behavior, and attitude.

Apply the following when repeating an affirmation:

Be as relaxed as you can.

Pay complete attention to the words you are repeating.

Have faith in what you are saying.

Most importantly, make sure you allow yourself to feel the power of the affirmation in your body. E.g. in the happiness affirmation I connected to the feeling of happiness.

To enhance the affirmation process, use the following technique. Focus all of your attention onto your heart and breathe in through your nose while saying the following in your mind “I attract happiness into my life” and then breathe out while saying the following in your mind “I attract happiness into my life” Do this at least 5 times, I found this technique to be most effective when using affirmations. Remember to use this breathing technique while using the other affirmations in the book.  

Remember, with this affirmation exercise you will be saying and repeating what you want to be true in your life. If you apply the above steps when beginning your affirmation, you should see and feel, both mentally and emotionally, that it is true, regardless of your current situation.

If you have prepared yourself following the above directions, your mind is now ready. All that’s left to do is take the action required to finally achieve what you desire. This affirmation exercise will give you a positive attitude, which will make it easier to take the required action.

Only some individuals take the action needed to succeed; if all you are looking for is happiness, then you should be able to achieve the feeling after simply saying the affirmation. However, if you want success you need to take the next step which is to allow yourself to feel the power of happiness and then take action towards attaining more happiness.

Once you begin to feel the happiness you should feel inner peace among yourself. With this new-found happiness, the next step is to apply this to the world around you and do things to maintain happiness.

On my personal journey, the following steps worked wonders for me:

I wrote about my emotional pain and how it affected me.  Writing about my feelings felt far more effective than talking to someone about it. You are able to be completely honest and don’t feel like you have anything to hide. Try it yourself and see if you can feel the difference.

I began to show gratitude for all that I have in my life. Expressing gratitude makes you feel happier, more optimistic about the future, and can help you feel physically healthier.

I performed random acts of kindness. I donated money to my favorite charity, I volunteered at a senior home, I planted a tree, I visited animal shelters, I allowed people to cut in front of me in traffic (without feeling angry), and I donate old clothes and old books. All of these actions allowed me to give back to the world and made me feel good knowing I was helping others.

I began motivating others. Much like performing random acts of kindness, I found this to be a sure way of maintaining my happiness.

I spend money on experiences instead of material things.  I eat out, I go to concerts, I go to a theatre, I go on holidays (and go as often as I can), I tried paintballing, and I tried going carting, bungee jumping, and sky diving.

“I ATTRACT happiness into my life.”

Excerpt from the book Thoughts of Perfection. Get the book and learn how To enhance the affirmation process. 

Thoughts of Perfection


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